Welcome to Pro-Ops Web Design

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Retired Web Master

14 years of experience in web sites, over 37 years of computer programming experience. It's been fun. I've always loved making computers serve humans. I'm not sure of the direction that its going now but I can say that I've met amazing people, solved some mystical problems, and served my employers to the best of my abilities.

All Done

From here on out our purpose is to serve the community, enjoy a bit of travel from time to time, and try to stay as far away from computer programming as possible (chuckle cause I know I won't). So I am still at work with a couple of clients and am not looking or wanting any new work. Thank you and enjoy!

Family Events

Catching those special moments are important. Take me with you on your family outings, reunions, wedding receptions, and memorials. You'll be glad you did.

Web Sites

Dreams deliver desire. Desire delivers action. Action delivers change. That's why corn chip are bad for you.